8 Ways A Logo Can Help Your Business

We’ve all heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Designing your own business logo enables you to take advantage of humankind’s visual nature. In one instant, your logo can indicate the kind of business you run, what you’re about and who you are.

Logos also act as a persistent, consistent advertising tool—it will appear many times on your website, locking in the message you’d like to reach your potential clients. Where would Nike be without its swoosh? Having your logo consistent is something I preach on a weekly basis. The last thing you want to do is have a green or yellow logo on a t-shirt, a brown logo on your brochure and a pink logo on your website. Having consistency is VERY important for business and your logo.

You want people to become familiar with your brand, and one of the only ways to do that is to be consistent on all forms of your logo. From websites to business cards, t-shirts to hats, vehicle wraps to signage, it all needs to be the same. I tell folks think of your logo as a marriage, because once you have a logo you have to LOVE it and not change it. Here’s some reasons that developing a business logo can help you reach your goals.

Brand Recognition

Having a clear, simple logo makes it easy for customers to recognize your brand as they search for the services you offer. A good logo can increase the consistency of your advertising, essentially making an imprint on the consumer’s mind as they connect your image with your services.

Communicate A Clear Message

Maybe you are a local company—include a recognizable symbol of your town to communicate the local aspect. Your logo helps create an instant snapshot of what your company is all about. Whether you are a green business, a luxury brand or have more of a mom and pop style your logo can distill than information easily to your soon-to-be customers.


Having a go-to logo on file can make it super easy to spread the good word about your business. Rather than a cumbersome link, a logo can be used by anyone promoting your service as a clickable shareable instagram, twitter, or facebook post.


Having a brand is all about indicating to the market that you are on top of your game, take competition seriously and have a cutting-edge approach. A logo can create a streamlined, cohesive image that communicates the level of dedication to your chosen craft or business.

Attract New Customers

Much to the benefit of online advertisers, human beings love pictures! Having a logo can help attract new customers to your website or your door simply by increasing your visual appeal. A good example of this is social media posts–a post with a picture typically receives many more likes and shares than text alone. A logo makes it easy to add visuals to almost any aspect of your marketing.

Make a Good First Impression

Your logo is the first thing someone will see, whether it’s included in a storefront design, as part of a traditional brochure or press release or even better as part of your website. A good first impression can be the difference between someone scrolling past and someone taking the time to see what you offer! Reel them in with an eye-catching logo!

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Your logo can differentiate you from others in your field. Let’s say you run a more standard business, like a landscaping business or tire shop—having a catchy logo might be the only thing that customers can instantly see is unique about you! Personality and brand is an important component of why consumers pick one business over another similar one—it really can boil down to likeability, which logos can facilitate well.

Flex Your Creative Muscles

One of the reasons you run your own business in the first place is the chance to be creative in your work environment, right? A logo can help you stretch your artist muscles, even if you hire someone else to create it. The chance to think about the message you’re promoting, what you want people to remember about your business, and even the images or colors that best represent you and your business can be invaluable to your brand development.

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